With the many coffee makers that you can get in the market today, finding the best coffee maker just may be likened to looking for a needle in a haystack. But with certain tips and features to keep in mind, the search for the best coffee maker just may be made easier.

It’s a good thing that the best ones in the market actually share certain features. Otherwise, the selection process would be very difficult since you can never discount the individual preferences when it comes to drinking coffee. Here are the features that you should look out for in your search.

Water filter

All of the best coffee makers come with water filters that are built-in. The water filter is a very important part in producing a great cup of coffee. There are different kinds of filters that can be used in coffee makers, which include paper filters, cloth filters, plastic filters, stainless steel filters, and gold filters. If, by chance, you want to get a coffee maker that has no built-in filter, you should consider getting an external one.

Brewing temperature

For obvious reasons, the best coffee makers should have the capability to reach a range of 180 to 200 degrees in terms of brewing temperature. At this temperature, water would then be hot enough to ensure the complete extraction of oils from the coffee beans. Many of the much cheaper models do not really have this capability, unfortunately.


You can tell when you have one of the best coffee makers in the market when you have a reliable grinder that is capable of producing the freshest ground beans ever. It is recommended to leave the beans inside the grinder overnight. Grinding should be done just before you start brewing a pot. This way, you are guaranteed a fresh pot every time.

Stainless steel carafe

Make sure to get a coffee maker that has a stainless steel carafe. This actually maintains the heat, aroma, freshness, and flavor of your pot far better than the ordinary plastic or glass carafe can. Stainless steel carafes also prevent that burnt taste coffee that has been set aside would acquire over time.

Removable water tank

This feature makes it easier in terms of clean up and maintenance. If you get a coffee maker with a water tank that is not removable, you would be certainly missing out on a very convenient feature.

With these tips in mind, finding the best coffee maker is indeed made easier for any coffee lover around the world.