Best Krups Coffee Maker 12 cup, 4 cup programmable Reviews

If you want to get a coffee maker that can give you the best cup of coffee ever, then you should consider getting a Krups Coffee Maker. Krups is indeed one of the household names in the industry of coffee. This is because Krups has years and years of dedicated experience to their belt already.

When it comes to their coffee makers, you are sure to get sleek designs for just about any model or make you plan to get. Because of the wide variety of coffee makers, there just might be a bit of a problem in choosing which particular coffee maker to get. Thus, it would be better to familiarize yourself with some of these products.

Krups XP9000 Espresso Coffee Maker

The specialty of this particular coffee maker is espresso. However, the Krups XP9000 Espresso Machine is beyond merely preparing espresso beverages. This is actually a one-stop coffee maker because you can also make café lattes and cappuccinos with it. Complete with 1-touch buttons, a programming keypad, a fast-heating boiler, a bypass doser, and a bean hopper that can store close to 11 ounces of coffee beans, this espresso machine makes brewing coffee very much easier.

krups xp 9000

Krups KM7000 Pro Grinder and Brewer

This is one of the more advanced coffee makers ever produced by Krups. This coffee maker has a lot of convenient features that can be enjoyed by any coffee lover. Packed with an anti-drip valve, a 10-cup glass carafe, a conical burr grinder, and a 24-hour timer that is completely programmable, the Krups KM7000 Pro Grinder and Brewer became an instant favorite not long after its release in the market. The Krups KM7000 Pro Grinder and Brewer also comes with a hot plate, a reservoir, water filtration system with duo filters, and a coffee filter.

Krups KM7000

Krups XP2070

This model is especially efficient in brewing espresso and drip coffee. And if you find the thought of coffee makers going digital surprising, then you should see the Krups XP2070 yourself. It actually has a blue LCD display that allows the machine to be completely programmable. With this feature, you can make certain adjustments pertaining to the strength of your beverage and the size of the espresso shots you make. Digital programming, a flexible portafilter, a cup warmer, a large glass carafe, these are just some of the many features you can enjoy with this type of Krups coffee maker. With this in your kitchen, quality gourmet coffee is just a few buttons away. You won’t even have to leave your house for that warm cup of coffee you crave every morning.

Krups XP2070

The KRUPS EC321 12-cup ThermoBrew Programmable Coffee Maker 

The KRUPS EC321 12-cup ThermoBrew Programmable Coffee Maker  provides hot brewing temperature and outstanding flavor extraction for a great-tasting cup of coffee

The KRUPS EC321 12-CUP THERMOBREW PROGRAMMABLE COFFEE MAKER uses advanced brewing technology to produce 12 cups of outstanding coffee, for the perfect full-flavored start to your day with a difference you can taste. This easy-to-use drip coffee maker is enhanced with ThermoBrew technology that features a three-step brewing process with showerhead design to produce rich, aromatic coffee bursting with flavor every time. Custom settings provide the choice of regular or bold, for coffee just the way you like it, with a small-batch feature that offers ideal brewing settings for smaller quantities. A stunning range of convenient features – including a 4-hour keep-warm function, an auto-off feature, the ability to serve while brewing, and more – come together for the perfect home coffee-making package.


KRUPS EC311 12-Cup Savoy Programmable Digital Black Coffee Maker

Brew up to 12 cups of great-tasting coffee with the KRUPS Savoy EC311050 programmable coffee maker. Its easy-to-read digital screen and intuitive control panel enables you to easily program your clock and program the auto-start. You can now wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or have a fresh pot ready and waiting when you want to entertain. Thoughtfully designed, the coffee maker also provides a pause-and-serve function that allows you to remove the carafe at anytime to enjoy a quick cup mid-brew. You can also enjoy the automatic keep warm function, for keeping brewed coffee perfectly heated for up to two hours. A glass carafe comes included, complete with a generous stay-cool handle for graceful serving. Other highlights include a front-facing water-level display and a gold-tone filter (no paper filters necessary), to prepare delicious coffee served at an optimal temperature. The EC311050 KRUPS Savoy coffee maker makes it easy to brew hot, robust, flavorful coffee every time. Get ready to savor your day.


12 Cup Savoy Programmable Stainless Steel Turbo Coffee Maker

Start your day right with a great cup of coffee through the Turbo function, which produces a 35% faster* brewing cycle. SAVOY Turbo is a reliable drip coffee maker that you and your family can use every morning to quickly prepare up to 12 cups of coffee. With functions including regular/bold brew selection, SAVOY guarantees rich, aromatic coffee bursting with flavor every time. The keep-warm function with adjustable time and temperature lets you enjoy coffee at the optimal temperature for up to four hours. Rounding it all off is an intuitive one-touch button for easy use by the entire family. *Comparison between the TURBO REG function and the BOLD function.

Turbo functions brews coffee up to 35% faster



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