Best bunn coffee maker 2021 how to clean and troubleshooting

Waking up and smelling the coffee is made even more pleasurable when you have the Bunn Coffee Maker in your kitchen. This is because this coffee maker is very much capable of bringing you that cup of gourmet coffee to get your day started without having to go out to get it!

Best bunn coffee maker

What’s great about this coffee maker is the fact that purchasing it is very, very convenient. You can get one of your own in any coffee shop, for starters. Hardware stores, retail stores, and even online stores also sell this coffee maker. With this in your kitchen, waking up to that great cup of coffee is more than enough for you to want to get out of bed.

bunn coffee maker

You actually have a number of options when it comes to the different models of this coffee maker. The selection process is made easier when you ask yourself the following questions. First would concern the budget, of course. How much are you willing to spend for a coffee maker? Quality should never be sacrificed for quantity; fortunately, you do not really have to deal with this because Bunn Coffee Makers can be bought at very affordable prices.  Buying it online, for instance, gives you access to discount rates that you will surely benefit from.

Another question to answer pertains to the noise the coffee maker makes when it is brewing. The noise here is actually relative to the model and make that you would choose. To make a more educated decision here, you could ask for the different makes to be tested out. This way, you can see and hear for yourself the noise a particular model would produce when it is brewing a pot for you. With this in mind, it would be better for you to go for the model that you can indeed test out. Of course, you can have a defective coffee maker exchanged, but this is still inconvenient for you. So, better test the machine out before you do purchase it. You should also consider the process of cleaning the machine. Go for the model that is easier to clean. Generally, you would be using your coffee maker in the morning, right? Thus, you would have to be on the go here, to avoid being late for school or for work. So, it would be more practical to go for the model that is easier to clean up.

How to clean a bunn coffee maker

Using the Bunn Deliming Tool

Be sure the coffee maker has been off for at least two hours to avoid burning yourself and unplug the machine to eliminate the risk of electric shock as well. Next, find the deliming tool that came with your machine. Different Bunn coffee maker models have different tools, so yours may be either metal or plastic. If you cannot find your Bunn deliming tool, a long and thin zip tie will suffice.

Remove the carafe and the brew funnel from the machine. Unscrew the spray head, which is a dome-shaped piece of plastic sitting directly above the brew funnel. This will expose the spray head tube, which transports water from the water tank. Insert the Bunn deliming tool into this tube until about 2 inches of the tool remains exposed.

Slide and rotate the deliming tool to break up any mineral deposits (also called lime deposits or limescale). Examine the spray head for evidence of these whitish deposits and remove them with the tip of the deliming tool or with a toothpick. Wait to screw the spray head back on until after you’ve flushed the water tank.

Flushing and Cleaning Water Tank

Now that you’ve broken up any mineral deposits from within the spray head tube, it’s time to run the coffee maker and flush them out. Place the brew funnel and carafe back onto the machine. Add a white vinegar and water solution (Parts Town recommends one part vinegar to two parts water) to the water tank and allow the brew cycle to run completely. The vinegar will help to lift any mineral deposits from the water tank.

When the cycle is complete, discard the water in the carafe. Fill the water tank again and run another cycle to flush out the vinegar solution. You’ll need to run several cycles with fresh water until the vinegar smell disappears. You should also notice that the water in the carafe becomes much cleaner after the first couple of the brew cycles.

Once you’re satisfied with how clean the water is, wait for the machine to cool down and then reattach the spray head.

Cleaning the Outside

The brew funnel, carafe and exterior of the Bunn coffee maker can all be cleaned with dishwashing liquid. The carafe and brew funnel can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher or hand washed. Wipe down the exterior of the coffee maker with a soapy rag and follow-up with a dry towel.

To clean stains off the burner, make a paste out of baking soda and water. Apply the paste to a completely cool burner and scrub it with a toothbrush. Spray vinegar over the baking soda and allow the mixture to bubble and lift stubborn stains. Scrub again with the toothbrush and then wipe all the baking soda off with a damp paper towel.

Repeat as often as necessary to keep the coffee maker in good condition.


Coffee doesn’t come out

  • Were at least 20oz of water poured into the coffee maker? Between 20oz and 50oz of water must be poured in for proper brewing
  • Is the pour-in lid closed? Water is not released from the reservoir into the tank until the lid is closed.
  • Has the coffee maker been left on for an extended period without being used? If so, then the water tank may need to be topped off. Press power switch OFF, unplug the machine, and go through the setup process until water begins to flow.
  • Has the coffee maker been in storage? Go through the entire initial setup process
  • Is there water still in the pour-in reservoir? If so, the sprayhead may be clogged. Press power switch OFF and unplug the machine. Let cool for two hours. Then clean the sprayhead and sprayhead tube as per instructions on page 17 of the manual. Plug the machine back in.

Deliming tool doesn’t go in all the way

  • Follow the sprayhead tube cleaning guidelines.

Machine Only Partially Brewed

  • Has the coffee maker been left on for an extended period without being used? If so, then the water tank may have needed to be topped off. Now that the tank has been refilled, brewing should provide the same volume as normal.
  • NOTE: there will always be slightly less volume of brewed coffee than water poured in to the coffee maker. This is because some of the water is absorbed by the coffee grounds.

Coffee is not staying hot

  • For coffee makers using glass decanters, is the warmer switch on? If not, turn it on.
  • For BT coffee makers using a thermal carafe, is the Thermal Carafe being pre-heated?

Coffee is cold

  • Is the coffee maker unplugged and/or is the tank power switch in the OFF position? Make sure that the coffee maker is plugged in and that the tank power switch is in the ON position. Allow 15 minutes for the water to reheat.

Funnel is overflowing

  • What kind of filters are you using? Your filters may be of the wrong porosity or size. Use BUNN filters: you can order more filters at
  • Is your sprayhead in place? If the sprayhead is missing, the funnel will overflow.
  • What kind of coffee are you using? What kind of water do you have? If you brew decaf or fine grind coffee, or if you use soft water, you may need a special flow restrictor sprayhead. One can be obtained by requesting a part online or by calling 1-800-352-2866 (USA), 1-800-263-2256 (Canada).

Coffee maker makes rumbling noise

  • Does this occur after a brew, and then intermittently throughout the day? This occurs normally as the water in the tank reheats to brew temperature and should last just a few minutes.
  • Has the sprayhead tube been cleaned recently? If not, follow the instructions as found on page 16.

Water flows before lid is closed

  • Make sure lid is completely open to activate the rubber stopper in the pour-in-bowl.
  • The coffee maker is not designed to hold water in the pour-in-bowl overnight.
  • Remove the top lid to ensure that the rubber stopper is in place and the area is clean.

Coffee maker leaks

  • 1-800-352-2866 (USA), 1-800-263-2256 (Canada) or request a part online.

Keeping these questions in mind will indeed make your selection of the different Bunn Coffee Maker models way easier.

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